Barbara Horváth

research interests:

I graduated as a Biologist from the University of Pecs, Hungary. As a Bachelor student, I was engaged with the ecological side of biology, I took part in several population- and community level monitoring programs. I have a long interest in Evolutionary Biology and Genetics, thus during my further studies I focused my attention towards these disciplines, and I carried out a population genetic analysis on one of the critically endangered small mammal species of Hungary as my Master project.

The aim of my PhD project at the Vienna Graduate School of Population Genetics is to examine an ecologically important trait, namely the length of embryonic development, on the phenotypic and genetic level. Using Drosophila as model organism for this study is particularly interesting, because the larvae typically live on rapidly decaying matter and experience a lot of con-specific larval competition. The first flies to hatch will have access to the most resources, so there has been strong selection for fast embryonic development in the Drosophila clade. My project is aiming to understand how ecological circumstances affect the evolution of embryonic development.