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Thomas Flatt is a tenured Group Leader at the Institute of Population Genetics at the Vetmeduni Vienna since January 2009 and a faculty member of the Vienna Graduate School of Population Genetics. His main research interest is in the biology of aging, life history evolution, and evolutionary physiology, using Drosophila as a model system. He was born in Solothurn, Switzerland, and studied biology at the University of Basel. In 1994 he was awarded a long-term fellowship from the Swiss Study Foundation. He received his M.Sc. in population biology from the University of Basel in 1999, for work supervised by Prof. Stephen C. Stearns (Basel, now Yale) and Prof. Richard Shine (Sydney). In 2004 he earned his Ph.D. in evolutionary biology from the University of Fribourg (under Prof. Tadeusz Kawecki, now Lausanne). Between 2004 and 2008 he was a postdoctoral research fellow in Prof. Marc Tatar's laboratory at Brown University (Providence, USA), sponsored by the Swiss National Science Foundation and the Roche Research Foundation. He serves as a deciding editor for the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, as an associate editor for Frontiers in Genetics of Aging, as an academic editor for PLoS ONE, as a reviewing editor for Frontiers in Experimental Endocrinology, and is a contributing member of the Faculty of 1000 (Developmental Biology Faculty, Aging Section). In 2012 he was a Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study in Berlin. He is also a member of the JEDI network (see logo on the bottom left). In December 2012 Thomas will take up a SNSF Professorship, funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, in the Department of Ecology & Evolution at the University of Lausanne.


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Thomas Flatt